PathFindIR Thermal Night Vision Camera


This night thermal imaging system allows you to see a person or animal, objects on or near the roadway, an idling vehicle, a weapon under a shirt or blinding lights obscuring your vision. In addition, with our all weather kits you can now see much better in dust, rain, snow or fog, too. PathFinderIr has air lens goggle system that keeps the lens clear regardless of weather conditions, reducing accidents for pickups/light trucks that have to deal with dusty roads in the summer and snow, ice and migrating animals in the winter. The system provides significantly better performance at highway speeds than either near–infrared systems (NIR) or headlights.


PathFinderIr is so compact it is easy to install in any vehicle. The camera body measures just 2.3" x 2.2" x 2.8" (58mm x 56mm x 71mm), and weighs only four ounces (113 grams) making the PathFindIR easy to fit in your vehicle regardless of potential space, weight, or power limitations.


PathFinderIr has up to a 2000 foot range with a 36 degree field of view. You can see live objects, such as an animal or a person, within a 2000 feet distance. If the camera is mounted high you can see over the crest of hills or conditions ahead of the vehicle you are following.

Video Format

The camera output is NTSC or PAL depnding on country, so it can be ported into a navigation system or for optimum performance, you can mount a small widescreen monitor at the base of the windshield or use an in–visor or in–mirror monitor. MONITORS ARE NOT INCLUDED!

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