Prepare for Cold Weather with Jump Starter!


Portable Jump Starter

Every car owner, at one point or another, encountered a problem with dead car battery. It can happen anywhere and anytime, be it before going to work in the morning, while traveling in a foreign country or returning home on a cold and snowy night, and it's always an unpleasant accident. We at Car Solutions always worry about your safety, that's why we are happy to present a simple and convenient solution to all of those problems – Jump Starter portable starting and charging device.

With the help of this device you will be able to start a car with a dead battery, as well as charge various electronic devices, from smarpthones and MP3 players to tablets and laptops. Sounds too good to be true? We thought so as well, that's why we wanted to test for ourselves what these devices are capable of. The result will pleasantly surprise you!

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There are two different models of portable starting and charging devices available in our stock: T7 (compatible engines: gasoline – 4 l diesel – 2,8 l) and D28 (compatible engines: gasoline – 5 l diesel – 3,8 l).

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