Video Interfaces for Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz


We've got 3 new devices in video interfaces product line. These are: adapter for rear view camera connection in Mercedes-Benz W205, adapter for rear view camera connection in Audi with MMI 3G system, and also video interface for BMW F20/F30. We should mention that all three gadgets have the function of active parking guidelines display.

Rear View Camera Adapter for Mercedes-Benz W205 with Active Parking GuidelinesRear View Camera Interface for Audi MMI 3G with Active Parking Guidelines

First two adapters, apart from reverse camera connection, also allow you to connect other video sources, such as front view camera, DVD, Android TV box, TV receiver and others.

Car Video Interface for BMW F20/F30 with Active Parking Guidelines

Adapter for BMW is a fully functional video interface which allows to connect not only rear view camera and additional video sources, but also an aftermarket navigation. You can also switch between the connected devices using OEM buttons on the car monitor or on the i-Drive.

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