How to Choose the Right Dension Gateway Adapter


The product line of Dension car adapters in our online store is expanding, and it becomes more and more difficult for the user to make choice from the variety of these black and blue boxes. We decided to make it easier for you and offer to use one of the three following summary tables in order to choose the device you need.

Let's briefly remind you that the Dension Gateway adapters allow to connect and control iPod/ iPhone via the multimedia system, listen to music from the USB devices or the paired phone, and also make and receive hands-free calls via Bluetooth.

Let's start from the differences and distinctive features. You can learn more about the functions of each adapter from our review.

Distinctive Features of the Dension Multimedia Car Adapters

Product iPod
(iPod, iPhone, USB)
OEM buttons control
Name Photo
Ice>Link* Dension Gateway Ice Link        
Gateway 300 Dension Gateway 300  
Gateway Lite BT Dension Gateway Lite BT
Gateway Five Dension Gateway  Five
Gateway Pro BT Dension Gateway Pro BT
Gateway 500 Dension Gateway 500  
Gateway 500 Lite Dension Gateway 500 Lite  
Gateway 500S BT Dension Gateway 500S BT

* Ice>Link One adapter streams music via the FM transmitter.

Summarizing the functions of all adapters, these devices allow you to:

  • Connect iPod / iPhone, USB drives, AUX devices and phones to the OEM stereo system
  • Control iPod / iPhone and USB devices by the OEM radio buttons or steering wheel control buttons
  • Charge iPod / iPhone
  • Display the song information on the OEM display
  • Make and receive hands-free calls in the car via Bluetooth
  • Stream music to the car stereo system via A2DP
  • Answer or decline calls on the car display
  • Access the phone book and phone logs (PBAP)

Each function is described in details in our article Music in Your Car by Dension Adapters.

To select the device according to the necessary functions and the head unit type or the data transfer environment in your car, please, refer to the following table.

Dension Adapter Selection According to the Functions and Multimedia System

Multimedia system type/ bus Head unit with CDC CAN bus MOST fiber optics
Product name ice> Link One 300 Lite BT Five Pro BT 500 500 Lite 500 S BT
iPod/iPhone ✔*


Functions Sound from iPod/iPhone/USB
iPod/iPhone/USB control  
Sound from AUX
display on the monitor
Hands-free calls        
Music via A2DP        
calls on the monitor
Access to the phone book (PBAP)          

* Via FM receiver.
** Depends on the head unit type.

Well, hope functions and features are now clear for you. Lets's move to the adapters we offer directly for your car.

Dension Adapters Selection by the Car Brands

Compatibility of the each specific car with the specific adapter depends not only on the car brand, but also on the car model, model year and often on the radio or head unit type. Therefore, we strongly recommend checking with the compatibility chart and the product description.

Car brand Dension Gateway Adapters Compatibility
ice> Link One 300 Lite BT Five Pro BT 500 500 Lite 500 S BT
Acura Acura           View
Aston Martin Aston
Audi Audi   View
Citroen Citroën         View
Ford Ford             View
Honda Honda           View
Lexus Lexus           View
Car brand Dension Gateway Adapters Compatibility
ice> Link One 300 Lite BT Five Pro BT 500 500 Lite 500 S BT
Mazda Mazda           View
Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-
Mini Mini         View
Opel Opel           View
Peugeot Peugeot         View
Porsche Porsche         View
Renault Renault           View
Rolls Royce Rolls
Car brand Dension Gateway Adapters Compatibility
ice> Link One 300 Lite BT Five Pro BT 500 500 Lite 500 S BT
Rover Rover             View
Saab Saab           View
Seat Seat         View
Skoda Skoda       View
Smart Smart             View
Suzuki Suzuki             View
Toyota Toyota           View
Volkswagen Volkswagen       View
Volvo Volvo             View

Please, pay attention to the fact that compatibility charts are updated from time to time and can lack the discontinued adapters. Here you can find the recent compatibility charts for all car brands.
We hope this article will be helpful when you decide to buy the Dension adapter for your car.

It's up to you to choose!

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