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In this article we offer general overview of Dension Audio Systems products sold in Car Solutions online store!

Dension is a world famous Hungarian manufacturer of solutions for various digital devices (iPod, iPhone, MP3 players, USB memory sticks) and Bluetooth mobile phones connection to OEM car multimedia system. You need Dension adapters when your car radio supports neither iPod /iPhone nor USB memory sticks, and sometimes even common digital formats, but music in the car is of vital importance for you.

So, if you wish to

  • connect and use your iPod and iPhone in the car;
  • listen to music from USB storage device or Bluetooth cell phone;
  • control connected devices via OEM CD changer buttons or steering wheel controls;
  • make hands free calls;
  • listen to internet radio
via stereo system of your car, Dension equipment is what you need!

Car iPod/iPhone/ USB / MP3 / Bluetooth adapters Dension Gateway 100 / 300 / 500 / Five, Lite, ice>Link Lite, Blue are the main Dension products. Adapters are compatible with various car brands, models of different model years with various head units. Dension provides cars and adapters compatibility sheet to help you to choose the right device for your vehicle.

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Using Dension Gateway 300 in Volkswagen Passat

Dension Gateway 100 is meant for iPod and iPhone connection, charging and control via car radio buttons.
Dension Gateway 300 and Dension Gateway Five car iPod/USB adapters offer wider range of functions:

  • iPod / iPhone connection, control and charging via car OEM multimedia system.
  • Song information display.
  • Connected iPod / USB devices control via OEM CD changer buttons and steering wheel controls.
  • USB input for external storage devices (flash drives, hard disc drives), USB storage devices and MP3 players connection.
  • Cell phones connection, hands free calling via Bluetooth (Dension Gateway Five).
Dension Gateway 300 iPod/USB adapter for Ford Sony (GW33FD2) Car iPod/iPhone / USB Adapter Dension Gateway 300 for Opel (GW33OC1)

Dension Gateway 300 iPod/USB Adapter

How Dension Adapters Work.

Dension Gateway car USB / iPod adapter emulates a CD changer and uses CD changer controls to access audio sources and Dension GW accessories. OEM head unit takes adapter for CD changer and controls it in the same way: by OEM head unit buttons and steering wheel controls. What's most important, Dension Gateway adapters are connected in the same way as the original CD changer so you won't have to cut car wiring, all connectors are similar to OEM. Everything is quite simple: just connect, fix and setup adapter and its ready for operation. And what's nice, car warranty is still kept in force.

Dension Gateway Five iPod/USB/Bluetooth car adapter for BMW (GWF1BM4) Dension Gateway Five iPod/USB/Bluetooth car adapter for Peugeot / Citroën (GWF1PC1)

Dension Gateway Five USB / iPod / Bluetooth Adapter

Adapter allows you to connect various USB devices, from flash drive to portable hard disc up to 250 GB. There are also no folders and files quantity limts.

With the Dension Gateway Five adapter Bluetooth features you can:

  • make and receive calls hands free in the car;
  • browse your phonebook on the car display between the dials;
  • play MP3s (A2DP) from your phone through the car's audio system;
  • see call records (missed calls, last call, received calls etc.);
  • pair up to five different phones.
Car iPod/iPhone / USB / Bluetooth Adapter Dension Gateway Five for Audi (GWF1AC1)

Cell Phone Control Menu on Audi Display

Therefore, with the aid of Dension Gateway 300 and Dension Gateway Five adapters you can connect favourite multimedia devices to car stereo system operating on CAN bus. Learn more about Dension Gateway 300/Five adapters in our article.

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Dension Gateway Five Car iPod/iPhone / USB / Bluetooth Adapter

If your car multimedia system operates on MOST bus, you will need Dension Gateway 500 iPod/iPhone/USB adapter.

 Dension Gateway 500 MOST USB / iPod adapter  Dension Gateway 500 MOST USB / iPod adapter

Dension Gateway 500 MOST USB / iPod adapter

This adapter as well as Dension Gateway Five allows you to connect and charge various USB devices, iPod/iPhone, browse menu and music list on iPod or USB device on the multimedia system display. However you will need additional Bluetooth module for cell phone connection and hands free calling.

 Dension BTA1500 Bluetooth Module

Dension BTA1500 Bluetooth Module

In case you wish to listen to internet radio you can't do without Dension. Dension in-car Internet radio adapter allows you to listen to internet radio via the USB music port of your car or home audio system. In combination with a 3G capable phone (via Bluetooth) or 3G USB modem it streams internet radio directly into your original car radio system. You can find your favourite Internet radio stations at Radiotime web site.

In-Car Internet Radio Adapter Dension IRD10GEN

In-Car Internet Radio Adapter Dension IRD10GEN

This in-car internet radio adapter of about the size of an average USB stick provides you with full-fledged internet radio stations playback in your car.

However, Dension company not only makes it possible for you to enjoy music from iPod, iPhone and MP3 players and make hands free calls in the car, but also takes care of your comfort. That is why we offer wide range of Dension accessories.

First of all these are iPod and iPhone car holders with the set of adapters exactly for your device.

iPod / iPhone 3G Car Active Cradle Dension IP44CR9 Dension IPO4DC9 9-Pin Dock cable kit for iPod iPhone / iPod 5G Active Cradle Dension IP51CR9t
Dension iPod / iPhone 3G
Active Cradle
Dension 9-Pin Dock Cable
Kit for iPod
Dension iPhone / iPod
Active Cradle

Cradles provide convenient and secure iPod and iPhone mounting and charging in the car. Active cradles work together with Dension car adapters.

Particular attention should be paid to Dension iPhone car dock.

iPhone Car Dock Dension IPH1CR0 iPhone Car Dock Dension IPH1CR0

iPhone Car Dock Dension IPH1CR0

This device is not only an iPhone holder but actually an audio interface for connection and full-fledged application of iPhone in the car. Car dock can be connected to car head unit via AUX cable or built-in FM transmitter, and therefore all audio from iPhone (music, phone calls, navigation voice prompts) will be played through the car speakers. You can perform hands free calling via car dock built-in microphone and car speakers. Dension also released free Car Dock application (large touch screen icons, optional vibration and acoustic feedback) providing user-friendly interface for fast and safe iPhone control in the car. Learn more about Dension iPhone car dock in our article.

However, not only iPod / iPhone owners can take advantage of Dension products. Universal car vent mount allows you to fix any lightweight device safely and conveniently in the car.

Universal Car Vent Mount Dension IPG1CR0 Universal Car Vent Mount Dension IPG1CR0 Universal Car Vent Mount Dension IPG1CR0

Universal Car Vent Mount Dension IPG1CR0

The cradle is suitable for iPods / iPhones, mobile phones, car GPS navigators and any other devices you may want to have easy access to in the car. The cradle is fixed into the air vent using adjustable clips without any modification or damage to the vehicle surfaces. With the aid of nanotechnologies two strips on the car vent mount create a clean vacuum to which any smooth dry surfaces can be stuck.

Dension accessories also include various extension and dock cables, retention kits.

18 Pin Extension Cable EXT1BM4 for Dension Gateway Five iPod/iPhone Charging Adapter Dension IPO12V5V (12 V to 5 V)  Dension CDR2AU2 CD Changer Retention Kit for Audi Dension EXT1GW0 Gateway Extension Kit
18 Pin Extension Cable
for Dension Gateway Five
Dension iPod/iPhone Charging
Adapter IPO12V5V (12 V to 5 V)
Dension CD Changer Retention
Kit for Audi
Dension Gateway USB / iPod
Adapters Extension Kit

This is not the full range of Dension products offered by Car Solutions. Refer to Dension Car iPod / iPhone / USB Adapters and Accessories for Dension Gateway Adapters categories in our online store and manufacturer website to find more Dension devices.

However, Car Solutions not only sells above-mentioned equipment but also provides technical assistance and support. Contact us, we will be glad to answer your questions and help you to select devices you need!

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