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When talking about front view cameras for cars, probably the most common question we hear is “Why would I need this camera? I can see everything perfectly from my seat!” Believe us, you can clearly see the reason for having a front view camera the moment you find yourself at a narrow street and try to maneuver around parked cars.

Just remember the last time you were at the wheel – it is not possible to see everything in front of you from the driver’s seat. This is where a front view camera comes in handy, which will show everything that is happening in front of the car on the car monitor. No more crashing bumpers while parking, bumping kids that were playing on the street or running over neighbors’ dogs who were hiding from the sun on a hot summer day.

Don't hurt neighbors' dogs

Ok, let’s say we have convinced you and you want to install a front view car camera. Don’t know where to start? We’ve got your back! Here are a few suggestions and options of front view camera installation for cars.

Camera Connection Cables

Let’s start with the easiest way – a Plug&Play cable of our own make. Just connect the cable to appropriate sockets on the back of your head unit and voila: a front view car camera is ready for installation. Besides this, our cables have another advantage – their price. In fact, it’s the cheapest solution available for front view camera installation in any car.

However, with all its advantages it does have one shortcoming. This cable uses the video input of your head unit (and in most cases it’s the only one that your head unit has). So, most probably, after connecting this cable you will not be able to connect any other devices. The good news is that we have quite a few cables for different brands and models. So, most probably, you will be able to find the one for your car.

Camera Adapter

Camera connection adapters are up next. Unlike connection cables, these adapters allow you to connect both a front view and a rear view camera (if it was not already installed by the manufacturer) simultaneously. They are a bit more expensive though, and require a skilled technician to install. This is a nice option if you are willing to have a good parking assistance system in your car but reluctant to spend tons of money on it.

Connected front view camera

Video Interface

Now we are getting to the big leagues – video interfaces. This is the ultimate tool for any car upgrade, be it connecting a front view camera, adding navigation or installing a smartphone adapter. These sophisticated devices will help you transform your car into a modern, multifunctional gadget. You will be able to navigate through unfamiliar places with ease, watch movies and television on the go and, of course, be totally aware of your surroundings.

Among all solutions for front view car camera installation, these devices are most expensive (no wonder!) and also require a skilled technician to install and get everything to work. If cost and a little bit of extra effort is not an issue – this is the choice you will definitely not regret!

If you are interested in learning more about all the nooks & crannies of video interfaces, you can check out this article. We tried to combine the most important and interesting facts about these devices without turning it into a long and boring monologue.

Front view camera image

RFCC Camera Control System

Last but certainly not least is our latest feat of engineering – an RFCC camera control system. This is a true state-of-the-art device, which comes with several unique and useful features:

  • Front view camera connection. Obviously, this device allows you to connect a front view car camera; otherwise, it wouldn’t be on this list.
  • Rear view camera connection. You will also be able to connect a reverse camera, if it was not pre-installed by the manufacturer.
  • Convenient and easy-to-use camera control system. Use OEM steering wheel buttons to manually or automatically switch between camera images, whichever option is more suitable.
  • Simple installation with no damage to factory settings. Thanks to its simple Plug&Play connection, you get to keep all of your OEM functions after installation. You don’t have to cut any wires and risk voiding the car warranty.
  • Affordable price. Do we really need to explain this one?

The only disadvantage of this solution we could find (and we are really nitpicking here) is the fact that currently we only have RFCC versions for Citroen, Scion, Peugeot and Toyota. But no worries, our engineers are hard at work to create more devices that will support other brands as well.

For your convenience, we have prepared a small comparison table summarizing all mentioned solutions. Just pick what fits your needs the most and feel a lot safer on the road!

Solution Installation difficulty Additional Price
Connection cable Easy
  • None
Camera adapter Difficult
  • Connect aftermarket rear view camera
Video interface Difficult
  • Connect aftermarket rear view camera
  • Connect additional video sources (navigation box, smartphone adapter, etc.)
  • Connect aftermarket rear view camera
  • Control connected cameras using steering wheel buttons

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