CS9320 Navigation Box on Android for OEM Monitors (GPS and GLONASS)

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CS9320 Navigation Box on Android for OEM Monitors (GPS and GLONASS)
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Navigation box for connection to the OEM car monitors. Operates on Android 4.1.1 platform. Uses GPS and GLONASS systems. Read more
USD 250.00
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USD 250.00
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CS9320 navigation box is aimed at expanding navigation functionality of car OEM multifunctional displays. The box is connected to OEM monitors via video interface. As a result, you receive fully functional navigation with the required interface language and maps, and touch screen control (for touch screen monitors). For monitors without touch screens you will need a remote control with touchpad or touch screen panel installation.

The navigation box works under Android 4.1.1 platform allowing you to expand the device functionality by various programs and application from Google Play.

The navigation box uses simultaneously GPS and GLONASS systems for more accurate positioning.

Note! If you need to connect navigation box to car multimedia receiver, buy CS9320 navigation box for multimedia receivers and necessary connection cables.

Compare CS9100/CS9200/CS9900/KD-900/Andromeda navigation boxes.

CS9320 Navigation Box

  • GPS and GLONASS systems usage
  • Built-in Wi-Fi adapter
  • Input for rear view camera with image activation when reversing
  • Input for camera (optional DVR mode)
  • USB inputs
  • Connection to Internet using 3G modem* or Wi-Fi
  • Connection to the OEM antenna via adapter

*Note! 3G modem is not included in the package.

CS9320 Navigation Box
Technical Specifications

System Processor A9 dual core 1200 MHz
OS Android 4.1.1
RAM 512 MB
Language Multilanguage support
GPS Supported systems GPS
Chipset MediaTek MT3333
Channels 99
Sensitivity -165 dBm
Cold start 28 s
Warm start 26 s
Hot start < 1s
Video outputs RGB
up to 800 × 480
Video inputs CVBS for rear view camera
A/V for camera
Audio outputs RCA linear stereo
TS 3.5 mm 0.25 W dynamics socket (mono)
Audio inputs TS 3.5 mm for microphone
Data USB A type (for external devices 5 V / 1 A)
mini USB A type
Control Radio remote control unit with touch panel
Touch screen control Direct connection
Car OEM control buttons via touch screen adapter
Dimensions Without connectors 110 mm × 107 mm × 25 mm

CS9320 Navigation Box
Manuals and Downloads

CS9320 Navigation Box
Package Content

  • CS9320 navigation box
  • GPS antenna
  • External speaker
  • 4 GB memory card
  • Connection cables set
  • RGB cable
  • Data cable

*Note! Navigation software, touch screen panel and 3G modem are not included in the package.

Note! Navigation box installation shall be performed by well-trained specialist. Otherwise, we are not liable for equipment damage or incorrect operation.

Product specifications, appearance and package content may differ from those presented on the website and can be changed without notice. Please, contact sales manager before purchase.
Note! Car Solutions is not liable for device incorrect operation in case of unauthorised OS upgrade. If you have problems with navigation box original OS operation, describe your situation on our forum, and our technical specialists will provide the solution.
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Operation System
  • Android
RAM size
  • 512 MB
USB Ports
  • 2
Wi-Fi Connection
  • Yes
Bluetooth Connection
  • Yes
AV inputs
  • Yes
ROM size
  • 4 GB
GPS Receiver
  • MTK MT3333
Processor frequency
  • 1,2 GHz

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