New Car Cameras and Accessories

Dear clients!

We are glad to inform you that our car cameras and accessories range became much wider.

We offer 17 new products in the cameras for certain car brands category, among which you can find rear view cameras for the following car brands:

Car rear view camera for Hyundai Santa Fe New Car rear view camera for Mitsubishi Outlander Car rear view camera for Skoda Car rear view camera for Subaru Forester

These car rear view cameras have been designed specifically for certain car brands and models. These cameras can be easily connected to any car monitor with a composite yellow RCA jack, They provide you with high quality colour image of high resolution and wide field of view during reverse parking.

To make camera usage more convenient you can buy car camera control box or 4 channel quad splitter, which allow you to control and display image from several car cameras simultaneously.

We also present new car CCD rear view camera in the universal car cameras category.

car CCD rear view camera

High quality colour 1/4" Sony Super HAD II CCD sensor is the special feature of this camera.

Additional accessories simplify car cameras connection and control and make your trip or parking more comfortable.

For example, if you do not want to bother yourself with the camera wires, car camera transmitter and receiver is the perfect solution for you. With the aid of these devices you can make your car camera wireless just in one minute. Video signal transmitter is connected to car camera, and receiver to head unit. Therefore, camera video signal is transmitted to head unit at 2.4 GHz frequency and is displayed at your car monitor.

car camera transmitter and receiver

Intelligent parking assist system in combination with rear view camera and car monitor ensures easy and comfortable reverse parking. The device reads data form CAN bus, generates optimal reverse parking trajectory and integrates it into rear view camera image on the car monitor.

Intelligent parking assist system

Intelligent parking assist system is compatible with most cars equipped with ESC system, rear view cameras and car monitors. You can adjust length and angle of dynamic track, position lines and safety bottom lines depending on the place of your camera installation.

Intelligent parking assist system

You can find more detailed information about these and other similar products in the following categories:

or on the product pages.

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