New Car Video Interfaces for Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz!


Dear Clients!

Two new car video interfaces for Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz have been added to Car Solutions online store product range.

Car Video Interface for Volkswagen with RCD 550 System Car Video Interface for Mercedes-Benz B/E/CLS/G/GL/ML/SL-Class 2009∼
VW RCD 550 video interface Mercedes-Benz 2009∼ video interface

Car video interface allows you to use external video devices with OEM car monitor. For example, you can connect additional navigation box, rear view camera, DVD player, TV receiver, and game console. Also with the aid of car video interface you can display image from additional video sources on installed headrest monitors.

Volkswagen video interface is designed for models equipped with RCD550 system, e.g. Volkswagen Touareg of 2012 model year.

Mercedes-Benz video interface is compatible with E/CLS/GL/ML/SL/SL AMG-Classes cars of 2009 and following model years, equipped with 7″display head units and SD cards slots.

Volkswagen RCD550 head unit MB SL-Class 2009 Head Unit
Volkswagen RCD 550 Head Unit MB SL-Class 2009 Head Unit

You can switch between video sources by remote button or DIP switches.

Lear more detailed information about car video interfaces on the product pages:

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