OEM Joystick Adapter for Honda & Acura in Stock!


Let us present the long-expected solution for Honda and Acura cars - OEM joystick adapter.

HAJA OEM Joystick Adapter for Honda / Acura

Previously, it was almost impossible to install the additional navigation and you could control the connected DVD player only using the RC. All this issues are caused by the fact that the monitor is installed deep in the dash board, and the protection glass is located 10 cm from the display. However, with this adapter you will be able to control the connected navigation box and the video source by the OEM joystick.

It means that you will no longer need the RC to use the DVD, HD player or TV receiver.
The adapter fits for Honda / Acura with non-touch screen monitor.

Monitors Appearance

Honda Acura
Monitor and joystick in Honda Monitor and joystick in Acura

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