Smarty BX4000 Car DVR in Stock


Dear Clients!

We are glad to announce that we start selling car DVR cameras, in particular Smarty BX4000 four channel DVR is already in stock!

This car DVR allows to connect 4 car cameras: 1 rear view camera and 3 front, internal or side view cameras. Thus, you will be able to reconstruct the full scene in case of the road accident or disputable situation on the road.

The video starts recording after the power is supplied or G-sensor is activated. There is also a possibility to activate records by pushing the emergency button on the remote control. It’s possible to adjust recording methods for every channel.


Smarty BX4000 DVR Outputs

The car DVR is equipped with the external GPS module, which identifies specific position data, vehicle speed and records them along with the video data. You can also watch your route on the Google Map.

4-channel car DVR has A/V output to display the image on the car monitor.

Package Content

Smarty BX4000 car DVR package content includes external GPS antenna, microphone, remote controller, 16 GB SD memory card, cables, mounting.

GPS module External microphone Remote control
GPS module External microphone Remote control

Additioanl Accessories

As it has been already mentioned, you can connect any cameras to Smarty BX 4000 DVR. However, we also offer internal cameras designed specifically for the car DVRs: DTR-100, STR-100, STR-100IR.

Camera for Car DVR Smarty BX 4000 (DTR-100) DVR camera STR-100 DVR camera STR-100IR
DTR-100 camera
170° viewing angle. CMOS.
STR-100 camera
90° viewing angle. CCD.
STR-100IR camera
145° viewing angle. CCD. With illumination.

Note! The cameras are for internal installation only. They don't have water proof cases!

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