Universal Navigation with Six Core Processor: The Future Is Here!


Say "Hello!" to the future of navigation with our brand-new navigation box on Android 7!

Universal Navigation with 6 Core Processor: The Future Is Here!

Looking for a better navigation system for your car? Look no further! Meet our latest arrival – A-LINK2 navigation box. With Android 7 platform and a 6-core processor, A-LINK2 is a true powerhouse among navigation boxes.

It may not be able to make you coffee or transform into a movie theater. However, it will definitely lead you to the nearest coffee shop in no time, and let you watch your favorite shows or movies in HD directly on your car’s monitor. Not into movies? Simply browse the web, or install and use apps from Google Play. Boost your driving experience today with Android 7 platform and impressive 6-core processor. Enjoy the new features to the fullest!

But enough words! Grab A-LINK2 and check it out yourself!

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