A-LINK Universal Navigation Box on Android for OEM Monitors

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Short Review. Universal GPS box for connecting navigation in stock car monitors. OS Android 5.1.1, 2 GB RAM, USB, 1.6 GHz Cortex A53 OctaCore.


A-LINK navigation box is used to connect GPS navigation to OEM monitors of any car brand or model. A video interface is necessary for installation. The navigation box works on Android 5.1.1 which allows users to expand the functionality with different applications from Google Play.

Note! If you encounter errors with Google Authenticator, update your software to the latest version. Update process is described in the manual, page 4.

If your car is not equipped with an OEM touch panel, you can connect an additional touch screen. This navigation box is compatible with the following capacitive touch screens:

Note! This navigation box is not sold to Russia.

A-LINK Navigation Box

A-LINK Navigation Box

  • Connect navigation to OEM car monitors
  • Playback media content (supports HD video, 1080p)
  • Convenient and easy-to-use interface
  • Supports any navigation software from Google Play
  • Voice control (for Google Maps only)
  • Multimedia playback on one of the frequencies from the OEM radio FM range (built-in FM modulator)
  • Media content playback on one of the frequencies from the OEM radio FM range
  • Internet connection through Wi-Fi
  • USB inputs for connecting external drives (up to 1 TB, NTFS, FAT)
  • LVDS output*
  • Input for an SD card (up to 32 GB)
  • Navigation output resolution
    • 800×480
    • 480×234

*LVDS connection is possible with the following video interfaces:

A-LINK Navigation Box
Technical Specifications

System CPU NXP5430Q - 64bit - Cortex-A53 Octa-Core (1.6 GHz)
OS Android 5.0.2 (Lollipop)
RAM DDR3 2 GB (800 MHz)
Supported systems GPS Ublox7
Bluetooth 4.0
Outputs RGB
800 × 480
480 ×234
Stereo Audio 1
Inputs AV 1
Data USB USB 2.0 ×2
Memory card input SD/SDHC (up to 32 GB)
General Power 12 -24 V DC
Operating temperature -15oC ~ +70oC
Dimensions 142 × 91 × 22 mm
Weight 184g

A-LINK navigation

A-LINK Navigation Box

A-LINK Navigation Box
Package Content

  • A-LINK navigation box
  • Connection cables
  • GPS antenna
  • Wi-Fi antenna
  • External speaker
  • Microphone
  • SD card

Note! Navigation software, touch screen panels, video interfaces and controllers are not included in the package content.

Note! Navigation box installation should be performed by a well-trained specialist. Otherwise, we are not liable for equipment damage or incorrect operation.

Note! Car Solutions is not liable for device incorrect operation in case of unauthorised OS upgrade. If you have problems with navigation box original OS operation, describe your situation on our forum, and our technical specialists will provide the solution.

Product specifications, appearance and package content may differ from those presented on the website and can be changed without notice. Please, contact sales manager before purchase.

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